Monday, February 1, 2010

It's been forever since I've written on this blog but I thought I'd start using it just to record thoughts or whatever. I've been thinking a lot lately about this growing baby in my tummy and about how lucky I am. There are so many things I find myself complaining about but I really have no reason to be negative. A few weeks ago, someone at church gave a talk about blessings and named off all kinds of statistics on how if you have a place to live, if you don't get ridiculed regularly about religion or race or if you can afford groceries you are one of the few in the world. I wish I could remember the numbers he gave or where he got his info from. It was really interesting and it really made me think about how we don't even think about the little things because we are so used to having them. So instead of complaining about what to eat or where to sleep, we complain about not having those jeans we want or having a second car or even about having to still work in the nursery at church after being there over a year. We have it pretty good. I've noticed that by trying to focus more attention on the positive things in life I've become more grateful for what I have. I'm so grateful to have Justin. He works so hard to be a great provider and he is so dang smart. I learn from him every day. I'm so grateful for this baby we are going to have even though we don't have all the money saved we wanted to and Justin is still in school. I'm so grateful Justin has a job and the opportunity to go to school. I'm so grateful for the things I've learned this past year. I'm so grateful for the people in my life that are so good to me. I'm grateful that I have the gospel in my life and don't have to wander through not knowing where I came from and where I'm going. I have a wonderful family and great friends. I'm so dang blessed and these things are what really makes me happy.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I hope everyone had a great Easter! We sure did! We had over Justin's brothers Jordan and Cameron, my cuz Tyler and Jordan and Kristine. We made a big maple ham , Kristine made stuffed potatoes and bread, Jord made a spinach and pasta salad, Cam brought drinks and Justin and I made and apple pie and peach cobbler for dessert. I wish I took pictures. It so so yummy, we were stuffed. We had so much fun with everyone, it was a great Easter dinner spent with family and friends. The night however ended with a little drama when Jordan walked down to the garage to find his car was broken into. Such a bummer. They broke his driver side window and took his wallet. It happens right?! Other than that, We had a blast and hope everyone is doing wonderful! Happy Spring!!!!!  

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Brother!

My sister Oakley got engaged a couple of days ago! She and Scott are so perfect for each other! We are so excited for them! This will be my first brother on my side, fourth with Justin's added. I didn't have brothers growing up so it's all new. It looks like they will be having a June wedding in Sac town. I can't wait!!! Here is a picture of the two the night Scott proposed...  

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I just made a yummy dinner and watched part of a hunting video with justin. I'm such a good wife.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I miss Maddy...

My sister Summer just moved here a few weeks ago. Its so fun to have her close. She and I dont have a whole lot in common but we get along great. Now I have two sisters here and one still back home in Cali. My baby sister Maddy is so fun. I miss her like crazy! I hope she comes out here next year for school. It's sad that I can't see her very often. She makes me laugh so hard I cry. I MISS YOU MADDY!



The last few days have been so nice!!! I hope it lasts for a while. I know the snow will come back considering storms come and go here until May! But I'm loving this weather. Saturday I went out without a jacket and with a smile! So nice. :) 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Boys and Girls

I babysit two kids in my complex a couple times a week. The boy is four and his little sister is almost two. They are so funny. Yesterday as I was watching them, I was thinking to myself how different boys and girls are even in the same family. The little girl LOVES baby dolls and is so sweet. She wraps everything up in a blanket and carries it around. Her brother wants to be a "transformer doctor" when he grows up (he loves transformers and both his parents are in nursing school) and he does not stop talking... ever. Yesterday we were counting cars out my dining room window when B put this little hand on my shoulder and said in a very serious tone;

B: Mrs. Christiana, when I was young some bad guys got me and threw me out of a building and killed me. They broke my lips and my brain and I had to go to the hospital.
Me: Oh no. Thats not good. Well I'm glad you're ok now. 
B: Yeah. The doctor had to fix me and then I had to fight the bad guys. They made me shrink and the doctor had to stretch me back out.
Me: Oh really. 
B: Yes ma'am they did. Then Jesus Christ came and helped me out and the bad guys ran away.
Me: Oh thats good. Jesus sure loves you. I'm glad he helped you.
B: Yeah. They tried to get me at the temple too so I had to fight them. (there just happened to be a picture of the temple right by him)
Me: Well did Jesus help you at the temple? He protects the temple. 
B: No I just had to fight them. I punched them in the face and the arms. 

This conversation lasted another 20 minutes. He has such an imagination and loves to save the world. He is always telling me stories about fighting bad guys. He will continue to tell me even if I get a phone call and am talking to someone else. He just follows me around all day and loves to make me play transformers with him. He never lets mine die though so we end up playing forever!!!  If I leave the room to put something away he yells out that I'm supposed to be babysitting him and not to leave! So funny. His little sister loves to cuddle and touch my nail polish and earings. Boys and girls are so different even when they are little!