Monday, February 1, 2010

It's been forever since I've written on this blog but I thought I'd start using it just to record thoughts or whatever. I've been thinking a lot lately about this growing baby in my tummy and about how lucky I am. There are so many things I find myself complaining about but I really have no reason to be negative. A few weeks ago, someone at church gave a talk about blessings and named off all kinds of statistics on how if you have a place to live, if you don't get ridiculed regularly about religion or race or if you can afford groceries you are one of the few in the world. I wish I could remember the numbers he gave or where he got his info from. It was really interesting and it really made me think about how we don't even think about the little things because we are so used to having them. So instead of complaining about what to eat or where to sleep, we complain about not having those jeans we want or having a second car or even about having to still work in the nursery at church after being there over a year. We have it pretty good. I've noticed that by trying to focus more attention on the positive things in life I've become more grateful for what I have. I'm so grateful to have Justin. He works so hard to be a great provider and he is so dang smart. I learn from him every day. I'm so grateful for this baby we are going to have even though we don't have all the money saved we wanted to and Justin is still in school. I'm so grateful Justin has a job and the opportunity to go to school. I'm so grateful for the things I've learned this past year. I'm so grateful for the people in my life that are so good to me. I'm grateful that I have the gospel in my life and don't have to wander through not knowing where I came from and where I'm going. I have a wonderful family and great friends. I'm so dang blessed and these things are what really makes me happy.

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Mike and Melissa said...

So true! I need to be more grateful and complain less as well. We are so blessed to live in this country at this time and especially to have the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you and miss you so much! I hope everything is going well with your pregnancy and can't wait to meet him when he finally comes out! XOXO

P.s. Come visit me!