Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I tried so hard this year to quit my soda addiction but it's just not working and we are only in February! What's wrong with me? I just love diet coke and red bull. I guess it's good that I can at least admit I have a problem. I really do want to stop drinking it so much and I have cut back since the new year, just not all the way (I'm drinking a coke right now). Baby steps I guess. Justin and I were going over some finance stuff this morning and he was counting all the times I've made drink stops in the last couple weeks. Darn spending history. HELP!!!


Jeanna B. said...

Haha...that is so funny...although I am the same way. I love my GoGirl! Good luck with that and tell me if you find anything that works.

Candice McWhorter said...

oh dear...addictions addictions...mine's sugar. I love sugar and I hate it at the same time! Fortunately when I focus on working out I don't crave it as much, so that's what I'm doing right now.
Good luck!