Sunday, February 1, 2009

Friday Night Loner :(

I don't think I've spent a night alone since Justin and I got married. This past friday was the first. Justin got an invite to go night skiing and since he loves to ski but doesn't get to do it much anymore I encouraged him to go. I feel bad when he takes me skiing because I'm not very good and like to spend half the day on the bunny slopes and the other in the lodge drinking hot chocolate. I slow him down. Knowing he would have a blast going with a bunch of boys, I told him I would do a girls night or something and pushed him out the door.

I started my night with a bowl of ice cream and a hot shower. I got all dressed up thinking I'd stop by my cousins Amy's 20th birthday party but then decided it might be weird to show up alone and party with a bunch young kids awkwardly flirting with each other without having Justin or my sister to sit in the corner with. So instead I went over to my neighbors and volunteered to watch their 2 year old and give them the chance to go out. Sounds lame but I figured I'd let someone else go out and enjoy their night if I wasn't. Well Kristy (my neighbor) is pregnant and wasn't feeling like going out anyways but insisted I hang out for a bit. So I did. After an hour or so I headed back to my place, grabbed my keys and went to the birthday party. I was right. There was loud music and pizza and flirting. I grabbed a slice of pizza and a couple movies to borrow and snuck out of there after hugging Amy and wishing her a happy 20th. I was there for maybe five minutes. On my way home Justin called to tell me they were heading back and to meet them at IHOP in an hour. So I went home and started watching a movie I knew Justin would hate (Mama Mia) while I waited for them to get close. Shortly after starting the movie Jus called to let me know they broke down and were waiting for a tow truck and a ride and it would be a little longer... so around 1:00 am I headed out to IHOP. They were starving by this point and so was I. This time I was late... I got pulled over just before getting on the freeway! It took forever because I couldn't find the registration (the glove box is a mess). Plus cops are always slow. I finally arrived annoyed and tired but was excited to be with Justin. I need to make more friends so I can have some girl time!!! 


Candice McWhorter said... can pretty much count on me needing a buddy,

The Bailey Family said...

I would love to have a girls night with you anytime! When Justin and Mark start hunting I guess we will have a lot of time to have girls nights! It sounds like you and Justin had a CRAZY night! I can't believe that you got pulled over and that Justin's car broke down! I guess it's true what they say..."When it rains it POURS!!"