Friday, May 23, 2008

Home, Jones, and "The Davids"

It's finally Friday and I’m leaving work early to head home for the long weekend! I’m excited! Earlier this week Janae decided she wanted to go back to Sacramento to see her family and invited me to come along so… ROAD TRIP! I was hoping to be all packed up last night and grab some snacks but didn’t have time. Ill have to throw everything in a bag and rush out the door!

A bunch of us went out for Blake’s birthday last night (reason I haven’t packed...oops!). It was fun. We went to David and Natalie’s for dinner and then went to see the new "Indiana Jones" which was good but kind of odd. I wasn’t into the alien stuff all that much but whatever. It was entertaining I suppose. I thought it was funny to see all the people who dressed up for it. One guy even had a whip… scary! The old movies were way better in my opinion. Justin and I watched one of them not to long ago and yeah... way better.

American Idol Finale was on this past week... battle of “The Davids”. I was a little disappointed little David didn’t win. It’s probably a good thing though because I’m sure he will get a deal with another label and won’t be tied into a contract with America Idol. I hear AI takes a big chunk of the paycheck during contract…?? I do think that David Cook is talented but his attitude drives me up a wall. Way to pleased with himself! It was a great show though. If you missed it you missed out. :)


Kristine L. said...

Ugh. Don't even get me started on David C. The only reason I am glad he won is because he will have to sing those gay songs that the producers choose for him.

Ruby said...

LOL! Thats true huh. His smile creeps me out!