Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm back!

Well It's been a while since I've blogged, but this summer was CRAZY!! I got engaged, quit my job, went home to California for a month, got married, went to Grand Cayman Island on our honeymoon, moved... so yeah. Nuts. But now I am home most mornings and have time to keep this up. Ill post some pictures when I figure out how to dump them into my computer. I'll have Justin show me. 

We moved into a great apartment downtown area and love it. Its close to everything. My favorite thing about our place are the windows! We have big windows and a great view. I love to get up in the morning and open all the blinds and watch people walking to work while I eat my breakfast. Yesterday it rained a little and the mountains looked beautiful. They are starting to turn red and orange. Very pretty. We can see the Y too and its fun to see little specs of people up there everyday. The down side of this place is the lack of storage space. Between the guitars, guns, books and dishes... we have to be creative. My Aunt and Uncle gave us an old dresser and desk when we moved in which are full now. Justin took both pieces of furniture to a friends last week and sanded them down and re-finished them. They turned out great! He did a good job. I took pictures and will post them.. again, when Justin shows me how. :)

The wedding was perfect. A lot of work up until the big day but well worth it. It was fun having all my family and friends there. Thank you to those who traveled! I love you. And thank you to my PARENTS and those who helped for working so hard. It was an exciting day. 

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