Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I got tagged by Natalie, so here they are;

My quirks:

1) Certain kinds of fabrics give me goosebumps. Cotton balls too. I can't use them. I'm very sensitive to the way things feel or sound. Justin thinks I'm nuts. Sometimes in church or where ever he will put his arm around me and play with the neckline in my shirt and I'll flinch and get the chills.

2) If I'm thinking about it I wont step on cracks. Especially in the grocery store. And if I step on a crack with one foot I have to with the other to even out. Weird I know. I'm a little OCD I guess. Justin likes to try and mess me up by bumping me so I have to step on one and then tries to prevent me from stepping on one with my other foot. I try to be careful without him noticing. 

3) I make my bed every day. My room can be a disaster but as long as the bed is made I feel okay. It's the first thing I do when I wake up. 

4) I love lotion. I always lotion my hands after I do the dishes and a million other times throughout the day. 

5) I'm a huge list person. I make a "to do" list almost every day. I usually carry around a little pocket book to write stuff in. 

6) I love sunflower seeds and probably eat a bag a week. Either David's Ranch or Spits Chili lime.  I know there is a ton of sodium in them so I should probably cut back but I'm addicted.

7) I have a pair of black sweat pants I wear around the house. I've had them forever and love them. Justin thinks they are the ugliest thing ever and pretends like he is going to barf when I put them on. They are the kind that scrunch up at the ankle. Not made for looks but they are warm and comfy. I refuse to get rid of them. 

8) I bite the inside of my lip when I'm thinking or reading. I don't know why but I always have. It helps me concentrate somehow. 

9) I knock on wood a lot. Not even wood sometimes just whatever is close to me. The bed, car window, counter... If someone says something bad could happen or I think about something bad happening, I knock. Three times always or I feel it doesn't count. I should just say a silent prayer but for some reason without thinking, I always knock on something. 

10) I cry when I laugh. I think it's because my eyes squint up when I smile and they get really watery. People always point it out. When I'm really laughing hard tears start falling down my face. Mascara smears and I look like a mess. I hate it!  

It's fun to read other peoples quirks. I never would have known how nuts my friends are!! Just kidding. I tag Candice and Mariah!!



Brandon & Jamie said...

Hi Christiana! The sweatpants made me laugh!! I have a pair of sweatpants too that Brandon hated!! I finally threw them away. Now, I'm wishing I still had them for humor sake. DON"T EVER throw your pants away!

The Bailey Family said...

That is so funny! I knock on wood all the time too!! Where ever I am! I don't even know if it works but I seem to think so. I also cry when I laugh really hard and also hate it because my mascara smears everywhere!